How did you realize your passion for makeup?

I think our passion for makeup began where it does for most - with MAC Cosmetics. We have both always been big fans and collectors of MAC, and their constant launches of creative, new collections kept us coming back for more. Always having something hot and new to keep up with really keeps you excited, and passionate about makeup and fashion.

If you could give advice to someone wanting to do what you do too, what would you say?

Do you manage your account full time or is this something you do on this side? Any tips on how to juggle/ balance everything?

Our account is more than a full time job, for us! We're just two people and try our best to manage our Instagram pages, website, e-mail, and YouTube channel, all while finding dupes, creating content, and trying out new products. It's definitely a struggle in itself, but it's very rewarding.

What are your ultimate goals/ purpose for your channel or account?

The purpose of our social media outlets is to provide consumers, like ourselves, with the information they need before making a purchase. Whether that be a product review, a more affordable option, or just information before the launch, we strive to inform to the best of our ability. 

Was there a moment when you realized this could be more than a hobby? Was there even a moment or was it gradual?

Dupethat began as a hobby for us but grew into a larger community of makeup lovers than we could have ever imagined. I think it grew so rapidly because it was something "different" than the typical makeup page. We now do this full time and couldn't be happier, or more grateful for the support we see from our followers on a daily basis.

What is your favorite look you've ever done?

We both love a natural makeup look with some long lashes and a bold lip!

Where do you find your inspiration? What drives you?

Our supporters are our biggest inspiration. We create content that our followers want to see, so when we get a great response from a post, it just inspires us to continue creating that type of content. If we're ever lacking inspiration, we go directly to our Snapfam and ask for input and recommendations!

Please give one tip for applying strip false lashes!

Use Bold Face Lashes! They're error proof! The lash bands are so thin and the lashes are so lightweight that the lashes are best applied with your fingers - but that just makes the process quick and easy.

Other than makeup, what do you do like to do with your free time?

We both enjoy going to events and connecting with fellow makeup lovers, but mostly we enjoy staying at home with our dogs, and stuffing our faces with guacamole.

What's one thing you live by? For example, when things get hard or you feel like you're in a slump what do you tell yourself?

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