How did you realize your passion for makeup? 

I would wake up everyday and feel so eager to create different looks! Using different colors, brights, neutrals, new techniques, you name it! It would always excite me! I would want to do my makeup every single day to see what I could create and that’s when I realized it was something I was super passionate about!

If you could give advice to someone wanting to do what you do too, what would you say? 

Be consistent. Try to post once every single day if you can. Also engaging with the people who support you is so important. 

Do you manage your account full time or is this something you do on this side? Any tips on how to juggle/ balance everything?

So I actually feel like I have a million jobs haha. I manage my account full time, 24/7! I also am a makeup artist and working with my clients takes up a lot of my time. I also work part time in retail too. It’s honestly extremely hard to balance work and trying to still have a life aside from that but it’s something that I’m still trying figure out day by day. 

What are your ultimate goals/ purpose for your channel or account? 

When people tell me that my looks inspire them to get out of their comfort zone, it makes me SO happy! But I also want to use my platforms to use my voice on important topics. I’m very open and opinionated on a lot of things on my platforms and I always make sure to use my voice to bring certain topics to light. One of the things that I’m very open about is my struggles with anxiety and depression and without a doubt, every time I talk about it, I always get messages from my supporters saying that they’re also struggling but with my tweets or even my videos really help them to feel like they’re not alone. To me, it’s more than the makeup. It’s about helping others and really making a difference in people’s lives. 

Was there a moment when you realized this could be more than a hobby? Was there even a moment or was it gradual? 

I would say it was gradual. I started my page  because I was tired of annoying people I went to high school with selfies of my makeup on instagram haha. So I started a separate IG for my makeup and it was all history from there. Once I started growing, I realized, hey, maybe I actually can make something for myself from my passion. Brands started to notice me and one of the biggest things I ever did, and still one of my most proudest moments was working with Forever 21 and being on the front page of their beauty section on their website. 

What is your favorite look you've ever done? 

Ah, honestly I have so many! As of recently, my pink & purple halo cut crease I did for valentine’s day is my favorite. I also really love all the colorful looks i’ve been doing as well! 

Where do you find your inspiration? What drives you? 

I get a lot of inspiration from colors schemes. I’ll see certain colors together on tv or something and it’ll inspire me to create a look! Also I follow so many amazing and talented people on IG and I get so inspired from them too!

Please give one tip for applying strip false lashes! 

Applying lashes with tweezers from above while looking down at a mirror from below you in the best way i’ve found to apply lashes!

 Other than makeup, what do you do like to do with your free time? 

Music is such a HUGE part of my life. I love creating playlists and it’s something I could do for hours and hours. 

 What's one thing you live by? For example, when things get hard or you feel like you're in a slump what do you tell yourself? 

I find myself in a slump a lot actually but sometimes just telling myself to 

is something that really helps me! If i’m in a funk and i keep telling myself that everything is going wrong,  i’ll end up having a bad day. So by bringing that positivity and saying that it WILL be a good day, it will! 

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