How did you realize your passion for makeup? 

When I was younger I was really into beautiful women (sounds weird, I know), but icons like Adriana Lima and Angelina Jolie inspired me!  I then got into learning how to enhance the beauty you have and teaching others to do the same!

If you could give advice to someone wanting to do what you do too, what would you say? 

Consistency.  You may not be the best just starting out, but PUT CONTENT OUT. And As you grow you will get better no matter what.  People will love you no matter what and 

Do you manage your account full time or is this something you do on this side? Any tips on how to juggle/ balance everything? 

My YouTube channel is my baby.  It’s my full-time job along with Instagram, however, I am a full time and signed model! I try to balance all of those as a full-time job, its tough.

What are your ultimate goals/ purpose for your channel or account? 

I want to teach women and men to be confident and love themselves through enhancing their God given beauty, eating healthy, and fashion.  Ultimately, with my audience - I want to be a popstar/singer and incorporate inner beauty and healthy and wellness as I become a figure in the music industry. 

Was there a moment when you realized this could be more than a hobby? Was there even a moment or was it gradual? 

I always knew it could be a career, but I never saw it like that.  I really loved just influencing and inspiring and talking to people on social media and from there, 

What is your favorite look you've ever done? 

I love a classic glam with tan skin and freckles (my summer glam video :))

Where do you find your inspiration? What drives you? 

I find inspiration in makeup trends on the runway or in trending fashion.  Also, I love following supermodels and artists in the industry.  They help me find my style and makeup I love while also adding my twist onto it!

Please give one tip for applying strip false lashes! 


Other than makeup, what do you do like to do with your free time? 

SING!!! Singing has been my number 1 since I was a baby.

What's one thing you live by? For example, when things get hard or you feel like you're in a slump what do you tell yourself?

I find on days I’m uninspired and down, I take that day to pray and realize that everyone has those kind of days and tomorrow will be better and I plan out the next day of things I want to accomplish :)

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