How did you realize your passion for makeup?

I realized it by accident! I was in high school, looking on youtube for makeup tutorials that I could do for my homecoming. I came across Carli Bybel, Shaanxo, Nicole Guierriero and several more influencers who inspired me so much and who were so amazing at makeup. I fell in love with watching their content and trying out the products they recommended, and they taught me everything I know!

If you could give advice to someone wanting to do what you do too, what would you say?

You cannot get into it for followers, money, free makeup etc. People will see right through it and you will not succeed. Be sure it’s something you truly love and are willing to dedicate your time to!

Do you manage your account full time or is this something you do on this side? Any tips on how to juggle/ balance everything?

I post daily, so I would say that I am full time. I only spend my free time creating content though, which can be tricky. School work during the week and make during the weekend is basically how I schedule thins out. Scheduling time to do my looks is key for me!

What are your ultimate goals/ purpose for your channel or account?

My goal is to give people inspiration and courage to wear super fun bold looks out and be proud of their creativity!

Was there a moment when you realized this could be more than a hobby? Was there even a moment or was it gradual?

I would say it was gradual. I started posting my looks on a separate instagram account for myself mainly, to look back on and have as my own little portfolio. It started gaining traction, and before I knew it, I had a little following base which is so awesome and I’m so grateful for!

What is your favorite look you've ever done?

I have quite a few! I would have to say right now it’s my all matte rainbow look with the orange/rose gold wig!

Where do you find your inspiration? What drives you?

I find my inspiration everywhere! By looking though magazines full of different fun color palettes, by seeing cool color schemes while I’m out and about, even when looking at the eyeshadow palettes I have available, I’ll spend a while swatching colors until I find a color combo that works beautifully!

Please give one tip for applying strip false lashes!

Be sure to use your fingers OR tweezer to squeeze them as close to your natural lash line as possible!

Other than makeup, what do you do like to do with your free time?

I am a full time college student studying Graphic Design. So basically, I’m always studying, working on projects, doing client work. Makeup is basically what I spend my free time doing!

What's one thing you live by? For example, when things get hard or you feel like you're in a slump what do you tell yourself?

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