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Four beauty industry creatives who saw something was lacking in the eyelash market. They took matters into their own hands and have never looked back since. Constantly seeing the same products being launched, re-marketed and then re-launched, they started to notice gaps in the marketplace that they desperately wanted to fill.


Instead of just accepting things as is, what they did was do something about it. They started researching, developing, conceptualizing this idea. THE ultimate product- lashes that have a 3-D, layered look but can still maintain a thin, comfortable band. Is it possible?!


In Sunny Southern California, where this possibility became a reality.


After months of studying the different styles and trying methods that have never been done before, they created their own manufacturing technique to give customers the layered, dramatic look that doesn’t sacrifice comfort.


Why Boldface? Our lashes are unique, bold, and unapologetic. We want you to experience out of the ordinary moments wearing Boldface lashes because lashes (and life) are not meant to be boring!

We are here to innovate and create change in the industry. Everything we make is 100% created by us, for you.